REVIEW - Glasses Direct

A geek is not a geek without glasses non? In all seriousness I'm so blind now I cannot see without them, so I'm having to wear them constantly. I of course can't live with one pair, and then I need sunglasses too, and of course it all racks up. Having read about Glasses Direct on a few other blogs I decided to give them a go, nothing ventured nothing gained after all.

I'm sure you've come across the blogs too, but I'll give you the pitch anyway. The idea is simple - you get your prescription from the optician as usual, but you order your specs from them. The website is full of various frame options, and you can order four pairs to "try at home", which is pretty much just try on your face, free of charge. This is an idea I really like - no more messing about with my hair in the Opticians while trying on glasses. Pretty much what every other blogger wrote, it was lovely and simple. I narrowed down the frames I wanted to try, ordered them and they arrived for me to try with no fuss. That whole part of the transaction worked just as they advertised - and really was a lot of fun. I did, of course. have to try the frames with various hairstyles and outfits.

I decided, in order for the world to remain in HD all the time, I needed some prescription sunglasses as well. Having decided on my frames, I went to order my specs, which wasn't as simple as I had hoped.

Realistically, it was because I was frazzled I made the cock up, but I did make a mistake on my prescription input - I basically forgot that my lenses were distance now and not reading. I changed it on one frame and forgot on the other. I triple checked the numbers, missed checking the clickbox. There was no way to change it once the order went through.

I placed my order at 7pm, yet there was no option to change, or even completely cancel and re-order via the website. I had to wait until the next day and call. Or rather, the other half did because I was in work and couldn't call. For a web based company this seems so counter-intuitive. It was easily fixed once we did call but to have to call was a total pain.

That said, once my specs arrived I was really happy with them. Suddenly the world is high definition again. The price was good too, two pairs for £66 (thanks to a good old discount code) including anti-scratch and anti-reflection lenses. I just wish they had an option to fix a mistake via the website rather than having to call.

At times there are various discounts and offers available, as well as giving customers links to refer people where everyone gets money off. If you want to be a lovely person and click my referral link, you can get a discount. I'm definitely keeping an eye out for another offer. Mamma needs more glasses.

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