Messy Meringues

More baking... I'm a wee bit obsessed right now. Maybe its because its bake off season, who knows?

Meringues are hard, or can at least seem that way.. getting the right mix between crispy and that marshmallow middle is an art. Not one that I get right all the time, but thats where mess comes in handy. I use Nigella's recipe, it works for me 9 times out of 10, and even if it cracks it tastes fab. Unfortunately today it cracked, so no pretty pavlova piled high with raspberries and cream. Instead Eton mess.

Eton mess is a great way of rescuing a planned pavlova that goes tits up. Story goes it was "invented" by students at Eton who destroyed a pavlova while taking it to a riverside picnic. Very romantic, maybe true, maybe not, but it sticks in my head. I always aim, when making meringue, for pavlova like I did today.

Occasionally, again like today, I end up with a mess.

It really is the same, just not as delicately put together. Meringue, cream and fruit, and if it suits I like to add a drizzle of sauce - fruit coulis, chocolate or something nice that works.

Today was one of the classics, Raspberry, with home made raspberry conserve (ie jam that came out a wee bit runny) as the sauce. A real stuff up rescue desert. But very yummy.

Whats your favourite fruit with meringues? Inspire me...

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